Natural curly hair i​s overcomplicated. W​e help simplify ​it.

Master your natural hair in a judgement-free ​and supportive community from the comfort of ​your own home. The struggle ends here.

You're here because you struggle with...

afro hair

Dry Hair & Growth

Despite layering on oils and butters, cleansing every 2-3 weeks or more, and protective styling.

 Ethnic Female Hand Holds Hairbrush at Wavy Afro Hairdo

Type 3 & Type 4 Hair

You identify with hair types but don't understand why your hair behaves the way it does.

Woman's curly hair

Wash Day & Style Blues

Wash that takes more than an hour and you get inconsistent style results.

Product Confusion

Confusion with selecting products and how to use them.

No longer do you have to struggle ​through long, tedious wash days using ​countless products and ending up with ​dry, frizzy hair. You have a choice.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside:

Detox & WASH N GO

Our signature course ​that sets the ​foundation for health​y wash n go hair​.


Explore an extensive ​library of popular ​alternative style ​tutorial​s.


Struggling along t​he way? Post video t​o get gui​ded support.


Live behind-the-scen​es edition where all ​the product testing happ​ens.

Woman's curly hair


Solutions to common ​hair challenges often f​aced.


A space for ​caregivers to get all ​their little’s cur​l questi​ons answered.

What the community is saying... ​

Quotation Mark

So I made it all the way through the Detox course. I thought that I was pretty dang good at the wash n go before, but I always air dried (which meant that by the time my hair was dry, it was time to wash it again…barely an exaggeration lol). Carmen said that I should dry it with an overhead dryer, so like a good student, I purchased the one recommended and watched the Detox course. Today I used the exact method and products that Carmen used and this is the result. I was always afraid to dry with heat for fear of frizz, but this is the most definition that I have ever had! I’m officially reformed! 🙌🏾

Quotation Mark

I just wanted to say thank you again for demystifying our hair. I'm slowly but surely putting your advice from the training in place. But most importantly, I'm changing my perspective on braids (which I happily rock and neglected my hair for) and actually feel excited about washing them while I wear them and limiting how long I keep them in. Truly appreciate it.

Quotation Mark

I was hesitant at first, but I decided to give the Clean and ​Simple Hair Detox Course a try. After buying the ​recommended products, I was pleasantly surprised that it ​only took me three hours to complete my wash n go. And ​it wasn't even that difficult! I loved the results and couldn't ​wait to do it again the next weekend.

Fast forward one week, and I spent only two hours and ​four products during my second week using the method. ​The improvement was huge! And it only got better.

Two weeks later, it only took me an hour and a half to ​complete my wash n go. I couldn't believe how easy and ​simple it had become. I was in love with the process!

And now, three weeks later, I'm proud to say that I only ​spent an hour and five minutes completing my wash n go. ​From three hours to basically an hour! Consistency truly is ​key.

— Blessing Y. (@blessingyovo)

Hear what our students are saying ​just DAYS after signing up:

Our ancestors were limited by what they knew, but their practices ​were passed down through generations. It's time to take a ​science-based approach to understand what our hair is and what ​it truly needs.


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$25 /month cancel anytime

Includes everything in Kid’s Curls Corner plus:

Kid’s Curls Course

Access the full guide and tutorials on properly caring for ​your little’s hair.

Clean & Simple Hair DETOX

The most important part of the journey: Learning YOUR ​hair and how to “wash n go”.

Support Center

Get answers and support with your challenges.

Clean & Simple Hair AFTERCARE

A library full of loose naturals style tutorials you can ​explore.

Style Gallery

Improve your hair styling skills with easy to follow tutorialss.

Teach Me How to Braid Course

Learn the foundation of braids, parting, and how to master ​styles like knotless single braids and feed in cornrows.

Practice Rooms

Get guided support with the areas you are struggling with.

Virtual Wash Hour

Wash Carmen’s entire wash and style process in real time!

Hair Product Guide Live

Explore how we select and what we think about the ​products we test.

Meet Carmen

With over a decade of experience ​in the beauty industry, I have ​dedicated myself to mastering the ​art of curly hair care and educa​tion. My mission is to empow​er curlfriends and curl​ caretakers with the knowledge an​d tools they need to transform the​ir relationship with curly ha​ir and embrace n​atural beauty.

Curly hair should effortlessly complement ​your lifestyle, without any reservations or ​setbacks. Are you ready to simplify it?


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